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I'm BAACCCKKKKK, Did you miss me?  I am going to try and be more consistent going forward.  I am here to bring you a Remix featuring this leopard peplum skirt I got from boohoo.com on super sale.  If you are interested in this skirt check it out here

The first way to rock this is my super casual look.  This look features a light wash denim shirt with a gold layered necklace.  Then add your sneakers of choice, I love my leopard sneakers because I think leopard is a neutral; if you feel me comment below.


REEEEMIXXXXX....The next way I chose to style this leopard peplum skirt is with my red cut out shoulder dress, that I made into a shirt.  I do that often it is a great way to get more outfits out of your one piece of clothing.  I paired that with my red wedges, which are super comfy by the way. I got the red sandals from Macy's last summer.

This skirt is so versatile it could have been styled so many ways.  How would you have styled it please comment down below and let me know.  Thanks for checking out the blog.


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Photo Credit:  Pamela Copper

Styling Scarves

Hi Loves,

How have you all been?  I hope everyone is enjoy the Holiday Season.  So, where have I been?  Well I have a boot on my foot right now.  Don't work out it is not that great for your health, just kidding.   I am waiting on an MRI to give me some direction as to what comes next.  However, to be honest these pictures were taken before I chipped a bone in my foot and messed up my tendon.  Honestly, I have been slacking, but I am trying to get back into the game boot and all.  

Let's talk scarves.  You know when it's cold sometimes fashion goes on the back burner; it's all about keeping warm.  However, even if you don't want to style it up, just adding a cute scarf to your outfit will spice things up.  Let me show you how I would REMIX some of my scarves (Me and Mr. Myles). 

Me and Myles 1.JPG

For this post I will be styling my scarves in different styles, that I have lovingly named.  The first style is called the Ninja.  This one is for when it is just too cold to be cute.  Please check the video below to see me put these scarves on.

Next we have the effortless handkerchief style look

Then if you have a smaller Aztec scarf you can definitely use it as a headscarf option to jazz up your look.

One of my favorite looks is using my large mustard scarf or blanket scarf as a piece of clothing.  Wrap it around your shoulders to make it look like a poncho.  You can be cute and cozy.  In the video it is not belted but it would look great belted as well.

Last but not least I call this the Grandma you can use your scarf over your head, that one was not pictured in the video but I am sure you get the gist of it.  

Let me know below how you have been styling your scarves this Fall and Winter.  As always thank you for checking out my blog loves.

Love & Kisses

TaragayeNIcole & Mr. Myles


Growing up I hated the color pink.  Mostly because my mother used to put me in pink and dresses.  This for most females would not have been a problem, but I was a tom boy growing up.  However, times have changed and I have embraced my feminine side over the years.  I love the blush and rose tones, olive tones, and kimono's that are in for this season.  

This Kimono from Charlotte Russe is one of my favorites.  I call it my grandma chic kimono.  It has a beautiful cream base and nice floral design.  For the first look I paired the beautiful kimono with ripped jeans, rose toned camisole, and sandals; for a more casual look.

REMIX:  I paired the kimono with this gorgeous blush tone dress and olive strappy  heels.  This is more of a girls night out look, or a beautiful date night look.  Wearing a kimono really helps if you are body conscious; you can use the kimono to hide those lumps and bumps. 

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Similar Kimono 

Photo Credit:  Pamela C.

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