Hi Loves, my name is Taragaye (I know,  I know). You can call me Tara; all my friends do.  

So here is a little about me.  I was born in Jamaica and I came to America when I was very young.  I lived most of my life in New Jersey.  I also lived in Savannah and Stockbridge Georgia for a little while.  I am a single girl on the move and I like it that way (for now at least).  So what is "My Style?" Now that is a tricky question.  Honestly, I want to say I don't have just one style.  I dress to Slay and that is it.  I don't like to be put in a box when it comes to style (or anything really; I'm claustrophobic).  My goal is not to wear what is necessarily trendy (sometimes it is trendy and sometimes not).  My goal is to wear what looks good on my body type.  Speaking of which, I am not a curvy girl with a flat tummy, big butt, and big hips.   I am a curvy girl with a tummy, an ample chest, and my butt is just so/so (lol).  I find that most plus size bloggers are not shaped like me, but I want you to know we can look Fly and Fab at any size.  

Curvy Style Remix is a blog that will share how I Remix my clothing.  You don't always need to buy new pieces,  (I'm a sucker for a sale and saving my money.) You can take what you already have and Remix it (don't forget to shop your closet).  A dress could be so many things; just you wait and see!  Also, I will be sharing my remixes for transitioning from one season to the next.  Curvy Style Remix is also here to show you that just because a straight sized girl is wearing it doesn't mean that we can't remix it for a curvy girl.  

I am also a lover of lipstick (purple lipstick to be exact); it was one of the first things in makeup that I fell in love with a few years ago.  So expect to see some lipstick and makeup posts on here from time to time.  

Armed only with my personal fashion sense and love for a bargain,  I will show you how to Re-Style, Re-Wear, and REMIX your closet.